StoryCorps Interview with Katherlyn Geter

I am so excited to share this interview that my friend, Katherlyn, and I recorded as part of StoryCorps stop in Chattanooga. Moms for Social Justice asked us to get together and talk about our experience as moms raising kids who have disabilities. It was such an honor to spend some time with my friend and to bear witness to her story. This is unedited and unscripted, just us speaking straight from the heart. To help you follow along (since we don’t introduce ourselves), Mandy is the first voice you hear.

I also want to share some links to some disability rights activists, writers who have disabilities, and organizations working in the disability realm whose work I follow and particularly appreciate. I have learned so much from them (and so many others that I will inevitably leave out) and want to elevate their voices as people who have lived experience with disability. They are they voices that matter in this conversation, far more than mine.

PS- I hope to transcribe this interview soonish to make it more accessible.