God Doesn't Need You to Do Anything

I've spent the better part of the past ten years hustling as if the world was waiting on me to save it from all of the social issues- racism, poverty, violence. This deep seeded idea that I have to be doing big hard work is undoubtedly a result of my upbringing in the evangelical church. Growing up in the Southern Baptist tradition, I remember hearing sermons at formative times of my life begging the question "is your life worthy of the sacrifice Jesus made?". Yikes. No. The answer is no and never. No matter how hard I hustle or how much I "change the world", I will never be worthy of that exchange. Despite my head knowing that "enough" is a thing that I already am, not a thing to be achieved, my heart has struggled to believe it. I have often found myself thinking- if I am not doing good enough, hard enough, important enough work (whatever that is), am I failing? Is what I am doing today enough? What about all these other problems in the world that need to be dealt with? How can I do more and be more? How can I reach a wider audience more effectively? These are all fine questions, but they fail to honor the fact that God doesn't need me to do anything. If God is omnipotent, then HIs will is going to be accomplished with or without me. The fate of the world, or even the fate of a single person, does not rest on my shoulders. Remembering that truth is so freeing. There are a lot of reasons we should do good hard work, but stepping in with a savior complex and acting as if we are responsible for or capable of fixing the situation serves no one. He's got it under control. Can He use us in accomplishing great things? Sure. But He does not need us to do any of it. What He needs is for each of us to love the people right in front of us well and love them fiercely. It does not matter what good work we accomplish if we fail at that endeavor.